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Reasons to go for a credit check


It is very much important for every individual to do a credit check from time to time, so that they can manage it properly and efficiently. There are various reasons for anyone to check their credit report frequently. Sometimes, there could be mistakes on the individual’s credit report, which could severely hurt the person’s credit standing in the market and thus, requires to be fixed immediately. Besides that, a better way to get hold of identity thefts is by monitoring the credit report for any type of fraudulent activities. It is for this reason; most individuals have been searching for ways and means to go through their credit scores.

Reasons to go for a thorough credit check

There are several reasons for the individual to do a checking on their credit score. Several experts have claimed that one out of four credit reports do have mistakes in them. This is something disturbing to the person on whose credit score, the mistake is found. It would affect his day to day life. The mistakes could simply range from having the accounts listed as open; even they have been closed or vice versa, have other person’s accounts on the report, etc. It is to be understood that the credit report reflects the individual’s credit history and therefore has to be kept a tab on.

Another important aspect for doing a credit check is to detect fraud and to identify theft. It is necessary to monitor the report for charges that should not be there in the first place or accounts that are unknown. By scrutinizing the report it is very much possible to catch the identity thief easily and without much effort. It is to be understood that without periodical checking of the credit score, the damage done to the person by the identity thief could be emotionally, credit-wise and financially can be incredible. Hence, it would be necessary to find it out as early as possible.

The credit report is considered to be important as it keeps proper track of the person’s credit history. It means that when people are searching for the person’s credit history, the credit check can help to understand and confirm the credit card companies, banks and landlords of the individuals overall credit standings. This is necessary as it not only mentions about the person’s credit score, but also states, who else possesses this information. As a matter of fact, these days the credit report has become the yardstick to measure the individual’s financial capabilities and his strength to repay the loans.

If the person is paying bills consistently, then this is likely to help the credit score immensely. The credit report would keep appropriate track of the individual’s payment history, so that he could be in a position to verify and confirm if all the payments are being made on time. It also can successfully help in identifying and fixing any issue quickly and effectively. If the person plans to have a new house, a new car, then the credit report would let him know the type of credit and loans he can expect from financial institutions, who would be conducting a thorough credit check before assisting the person.

Feb 14

How to get Credit Score?

Excellent Credit Score

Your credit score is what the banks and the financial institutions take into account to approve your loan applications and to fix the rate of interest. Your credit score is derived based on the bills you have paid, the delay in payment, the loans cleared, the debts that you have missed. Often, a credit report is considered to be a record full of numbers. When you get credit score from the credit bureau, you would actually find it in the credit report. The credit report is not a mere documentation of how you have managed your bills. It contains your residential address, employability status, if you have been arrested, or litigated, if you have filed insolvency, and also how your bills and loans are paid back. Usually Equifax, Experian, and Transunion are the three credit bureaus that issue your credit report.

When you have to fix your credit score, or if you want to check for errors, you need to ask for the reports from all the 3 credit bureaus. You can get the mistakes rectified by requesting for a correction. If you feel the task is tedious, then you can get in touch with the credit repair agencies. You can also request a credit report from these credit bureaus with a simple phone call. You can get the same from online sites. When you get your credit score online, make sure the sponsored sites are sought after. Only legitimate sites are the best options to find your credit score online. The other sites could be scam and could also threaten your privacy. A credit score of 700 plus is what is often found impressive. However, a score between 300 and 800 is better. Of course, the numbers of 700 plus offer a good standing.

The credit score is derived by using a mathematical formula on the data of your credit report. This lets the banks and lenders to find about the risk factor and percentage involved in offering loans to you. When your score is higher, the risk is lower. Based on your credit scores, you can choose the best lenders. When your credit scores are low, you need to work on them and fix them. For instance, the best thing to do is to pay the bills on time. You need to start managing your funds wisely, to improve your credit scores.

When you want to get your credit score, you cannot find them in the credit reports you get for free. You need to pay a fee for the same. Your free annual credit report however has your credit score. Your credit report does not only help in calculating the credit score, but FICO is also calculated based on it. When your credit score is low, it not only affects your loans and interest rates but also, the rent of the apartment and even your employability status. The best thing to do is to settle the debts and stay away from missing the bill cycles.

Feb 14

Get credit score


Do you want to know about how to get credit score? Your credit score is totally dependent on your credit report. The information on your credit report is basically the compiled information that is given to the lenders which is based on your credit history. This information is usually reported by the people who lend you credit. To get your credit score you need to approach any of the bureaus which provide these. However, you may have to pay them a small fee for these services. The credit score is a three digit number which is calculated with the help of the information present in your credit report.

You may be thinking what the use of this credit score is. The credit score helps the lender to understand your risk levels which in turn help them to decide the amount that you are eligible for. Lenders who have a good foundation in this field usually have a customized scoring model which is used to calculate the credit score. For instance, most of the car dealers use these scoring models to focus on the car payment history. Most of the lenders tend to request the credit report along with the credit score and would also choose the scoring model they would like to use. The yearly credit report is disclosed from Equifax you can also opt to purchase the credit score.

The main purpose that these credit scores serve is that they give an overall idea to the lender on the risk levels you are in. There are several bureaus that provide these credit scores. Some of these are FICO, Equifax.  FICO scores are being used by lenders to determine the credit risk. These scores also determine the amount of money a lender lends you and also the interest rates. It is therefore important that you maintain a good credit history as this will determine the interest rates of the loan that is sanctioned to you at a later point of time. Generally a FICO score between three hundred and eight hundred and fifty is considered to be high and good.

The FICO score is calculated based on the information given by lenders in the credit reports. The credit report has all the information pertaining to your credits.The credit report also has information on the credit accounts and details on how many times lenders have requested information on your credit history. This information gives a brief idea on your potential to repay the loan.

The basic principle is that when you apply for credit you actually authorize the lenders to inquire about your credit report. Your credit report that is generated after you apply for this credit would certainly have information about these inquires. If you try to get several credits then there are chances that you risk your credit. It is likely that if you apply for multiple credits within a short span of time then your FICO score or your credit score will have a huge impact. The score will definitely be lower.

Feb 14

Why Credit Check is Necessary


Credit card providers or loan lenders often conduct credit check before offering the credit card or mortgages. It is to decide how likely you will re-pay the debts that you owe to other previous lenders. When you purchase a credit card, you become eligible to borrow certain amount of money along with interest rate. You must repay it on monthly or quarterly basis. When you pay the money back, it gets reflected in your credit score. Therefore in any financial crisis, you can borrow credit money from any other lender effortlessly. Here in this article we will discuss about the top reasons for why the lenders undergo credit check.

Reason 1: You will get mortgage loans easily. Any online or offline stores check the credit history for purchasing the products. When credit history is poor, the store owners or bank managers hesitate to offer you loan. It is because they think that you may become risky factor for them to get the loan amount. Many lenders will still give the loan but they will increase the interest percentage and give less interest percentage for people who have excellent credit history. Therefore it is mandatory to undergo credit check and fix it if the rating is poor before applying for any loan.

Reason 2: You are identified as reliable person in the society. As it is suggested to check the credit rating at least once a year and if you maintain good history then you will be welcomed by loan lenders. You will surely become their reliable source.

Reason 3: The credit check assists you in any critical financial circumstances. As discussed in above point, you will become favourite person to mortgage lenders. On the other hand, you will also face crucial financial situations and might get confused on how to get money. When you check the credit score and keep it updated you need not worry during those tight scenarios.

Reason 4: You will surely get better life style. You can utilize the credit card effectively and get betterment in life. If you want to purchase car, go ahead in buying. However never forget to pay the money back on time and also to handle credit check once a while.

Tips to Prepare for Credit Checks:

Well you might be in idea to purchase an apartment or a car. You will be asked to show your credit score and for which you must undergo credit checking process. Hence be the first to check your own credit details and as a result you will know your status. The credit bureau offers one free credit check per year for people. Therefore order for the carbon copy of that credit checking results and have a detailed look at it. Know about your credit card history, your personal details, your recent credited amount and credit history for past five years.

Be clear under which category of credit score you fall.

349 to 619: The credit score is poor.

620 to 649: The credit score is fair.

650 to 749: The credit score is good.

750 to 849: The credit score is excellent.

Feb 14

Increase your credit score in a jiffy

credit-score-mythsDo you want to have perfect information about your finances? Well, in that case you can jolly well check your credit score from time to time. In fact, by checking your credit score you can easily grasp a holistic insight about the finances you have. So, you will have to make sure that the credit score you have checked is absolutely appropriate and up to date. There are varied units and state based companies which help you in this regard. However, you need to be absolutely adept in completing all the procedures ensured by the companies.

Now, in order to check your credit score you will first have to log on to the website of the unit or the company which will help you in this regard. Followed by this, you will have to enter the details of your card and bank so that the credit score is estimated without any hassle. There are many such government units that can help you in this regard. However, you will also have to ensure that the score you have checked is absolutely apt and up to date. Refine your options and your choice in order to choose the best options here.

Very often while checking the credit score you might have to answer a series of question asked by the bank. You need to be absolutely adept while answering so that the answers you give are absolutely perfect and authentic of the lot. Explore your options in order to end up choosing the best government institutes which can effectively assist you in this regard. Also make sure that the institutes you have chosen offers you a proper insight about anything and everything that you always wanted to know about your credit score.

In fact, in order to get your credit score updated you will have to take refuge to the best companies in town which will make sure that the solutions that are offered are absolutely prolific. You need to refine and explore your options in order to end up choosing the institutes where your credit score will be checked and analyzed without any hassle. You need to be adept while choosing in order to end up with the best options where from you can jolly well get your credit scores analyzed without much hassle.

In fact, with options like Check my credit score you can jolly well get your credit score checked without paying any hassle at all. So, if you really want to get your score checked and if you want to enjoy the maximum benefits from the same, then make sure that the units you have chosen offers you the best benefits with regard to checking these scores. Browse online in order to check the myriad options and avail the best from these options accordingly. Also make sure that the options you have opted for are absolutely viable and prolific as well.

Keep in mind that you need to have a good credit score to be eligible for a loan of any kind.